Select Senior Options Service Levels

Care and Service Levels
Initial Consultation
All Visits & Correspondence (1 hour minimum, includes travel)
“PEP”  (Personal Emergency Plan) Club
$60/Month Membership
Medical Coordination
Priced Individually
Home Services
Priced Individually
1.  Initial Consultation-$200.00
When you are concerned, or are just being pro-active, this is the place to begin.

We will provide personal attention to you and your family as you face the changes that come with life. We’ll assess the various aspects of your life, your current and future needs. The care advisors understand that each person is unique, and each situation requires an in-depth look. The emphasis is on what is important to you and the recommendations we make will incorporate your goals.  We will explain your choices and direct you to the trustworthy resources we have identified. You’ll walk away feeling that you have a better understanding of your situation, available options, and a Plan. You can leave it at that, or we can continue to help. We assess, consult and advocate.  
2.  Expert Assessment and Considerations: $120/per hour or $575 Assessment Package (up   to 5 hours)
The experts at Select Senior Options will assess and identify potential areas of concern with the overall wellness of our clients.  This may include a status review of physical and mental functioning, medication, home safety and vulnerabilities.  This Assessment is best conducted in the present living environment, but can take place in your family home or within a health care community.  An initial intake can even be done by phone, email and fax. We will advise on the best way to get started. The complete process usually includes medical record review, time with the Client, interview with providers and family, and the written report.  

3.  The PEP Club: Just in Case and Respite Coverage- $60 per month Membership plus Associated Charges at $95.00 per hour.
Perfect for anyone who worries about the “what ifs” of life: What if you go to the hospital? What if your doctor says you need a nursing home? What if something happens to you;  who will care for your spouse? This Membership helps you prepare for these issues. Select Senior Options will keep your PEP, “Personalized Emergency Plan” ready.  With one phone call from you or anyone on your provider team, Senior Support Options will intervene and perform the activities you have chosen (during the course of normal business hours). There is comfort in knowing you have a team to call upon. You may have pet management, mail, appointments to coordinate, or any one of the daily life activities that you can identify for management.  Imagine taking that well-deserved vacation, knowing your loved one is safe with our oversight or for care to be arranged to be with you or a hospitalized family member when no one else is available. This Membership requires that an initial consultation be performed and an Expert Assessment  may be required, dependent upon your plan choices. A quarterly visit is also required for membership, billed at the hourly rate . This allows us to keep abreast of changes and offer preventative solutions as needed.

4.  Medical Review and Coordination: Priced Individually
This Review is best for people who have had multiple care providers, (physicians or facilities) and /or hospitalizations. This is also a helpful resource for individuals who have relocated or plan to relocate. You can access a specialist to provide an assessment, give professional referrals and to compile a complete history for future reference. We will compile a complete report for your use or to distribute to the physician team and can discuss our findings at a Care Plan Meeting with you and those you identify. This is a valuable addition to quality care.
5.  Home Safety, Equipment Assessment, Therapeutic Services: Priced Individually;
     May Be Eligible for Medicare and/or Insurance Reimbursement

     Invaluable when there has been a recent incident, such as a fall, change in home environment or         you just want to plan for the future. These services will be discussed prior to initiation                         and coverage options will be fully disclosed.